“The doctors, nurses and staff are very committed to providing the best care. If I could do anywhere in the world, I would still go there.”
– Henry

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Our Approach

We treat our patients like a member of our own family

We fight cancer using state-of-the art technologies and therapies

We deliver care with compassion, empathy and respect

Why choose South Georgia Center for Cancer Care?

We know you have a choice about where you get your cancer care but we hope you’ll choose us. Here are the top reasons why we believe South Georgia Center for Cancer Care is the best choice:

  1. We use advanced therapies in cancer care.
  2. Our medical, technical and support staff are specially trained and are experts at what they do.
  3. Our treatment plans follow national guidelines and are the same protocols as those used by the top academic cancer centers.
  4. We work as one team that is closely coordinated, with one focus.
  5. We treat everyone like family.
  6. We keep close tabs on your physical, mental and emotional well-being because we care about your quality of life.
  7. You get to stay close to home, surrounded by the love and support of your family and friends.

Halcyon By Varian®

The Halcyon uses 3-dimensional images to develop a radiation treatment plan designed specifically for you. We are able to sculpt your dose of radiation and avoid the surrounding healthy tissue. The Halcyon is engineered to be intuitive, friendly and comfortable for both clinical staff and patients.

Benefits of Radiation Therapy:

  • Pain Free Treatment Delivery
  • Non-Invasive
  • Custom Tailored Treatment Plan
  • Little to No Side Effects
  • Immediate Return to Daily Activities
  • Minimal Radiation Exposure to Adjacent Healthy Tissue

Your experience is unique

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is emotional, scary, overwhelming and can make you feel like you’ve lost control. Your cancer and the way you respond to treatments are individual and personal. Most people know about cancer through the experience of someone else, often a family member or friend. There are many types of cancer and other people’s experiences will not be the same as yours. We encourage you to express your emotions, ask questions and allow us to teach you how to be an advocate for yourself. We will help you keep a positive attitude, which is so important for your healing and well-being. Staying close to home for your care reduces the stress and financial burdens associated with traveling to larger cities and coordinating travel schedules.

Several cancers today have excellent outcomes and can be cured with new technologies and advancements. In other cases, treatments may be given which either extend or maintain your quality of life. The first step to regaining control and alleviating much of your anxiety is to educate yourself about your cancer. Few cancers require emergency treatment so you have time to learn about your diagnosis and treatment options. We encourage you to ask questions and seek additional medical information.

There are many websites with information about cancer. In addition to our site and the information provided on My Healing Plan, we recommend using reliable sources, including The American Cancer SocietyThe National Cancer Institute and National Comprehensive Care Network Guidelines.

Massage therapy is provided for patients and family members to relieve stress and promote healing.

Take The Next Step

If are showing any of the symptoms listed on this page, are prone to the risks listed above, or are seeking more information on available treatment options, please click on the button below. Conveniently located in Statesboro, GA, our friendly, courteous staff is always willing to answer questions, and we make every effort to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

The doctors, nurses and staff are very committed to providing the best care. If I could do anywhere in the world, I would still go there.


I love them all dearly. They do everything right – they ask how you are doing physically and emotionally, they listen, they stay on schedule. They really care. I just can’t say enough good things about them.


It’s the best treatment you could ever get. I rate them as high as the scale goes.


I've never been treated better in my life. My care was perfect. They made it quick and easy so I could get back to doing what I enjoy.